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Tell us how visiting/attending Open Door Ministries has changed your life...

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June 2019


Since coming to ODM I've had an incredible life change.  The biggest change is my relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I've learned so much about Him and now I have a wonderful relationship with Him that grows everyday.  Another change is in my prayer life.  I have come to know the true power of prayer.  I have been healed through prayer from headaches to hypothyroidism.  We have a pastor (Neil Bush) who wants more for us than we even want for ourselves.



August 2019


I love this place. It has become like a home to me. I love the people there, too. But, when I first started attending 21 years ago, I was scared and nervous of it. I had never witnessed nor experienced what was going on there. People falling out, going into travail and experiencing God in a way I had never seen. I was a nervous touch me not who was wary of accepting hugs from anyone. And, the people there, generally, love to hug. I had been playing piano since I was very young, but, had reached a point where I had become self-concious and nervous of playing in front of others. The same goes for singing. Now, so many years later, it's hard to believe I was that person. I love to give everybody hugs now. And, have no problem with playing and/or singing in front of others. The people there are truly like family, including the pastor. Which is hard to find. I feel so blessed that I was given the chance to come across this place. If you want to feel loved, like you belong and a big warm hug... Along with great praise and worship and a great word, then this is the place for you. I greatly recommend it.


June 2019


I was just about homeless, no job, no friends and no money to speak of.  I lived day-to-day with no way of knowing for sure where my next meal would come from.  Since I was close by the church and the pastor lived there, I would go there often asking for money or help.  I wouldn’t stay long but the pastor was always friendly and helpful, making sure I had food.  He would give me coffee too.  I did not trust people and did not like crowds so I would go when there was not a service going on most of the time.  Since I was not pushed to the wayside and not thrown out, little by little I would venture into a church service but just for a little bit.  The pastor never cared about what I looked like or when I came in or left.  He always showed me respect and kindness.  When I sat during a church service the people were very nice to me too.  And, they would invite me to eat with them on Sundays after the church service.  I was not comfortable enough to stay and eat so they would fix me a plate of food (or more) to take with me.   Over the years I could see that this man and his congregation were trustworthy and really did care about me.  They loved me right where I was at.  Now I live with my brother in the Savannah area and someone from the church picks me up (takes me home) for Sunday church service whenever I want to come.  I am even comfortable enough to sit and eat with them now too.  Jesus has become my savior!  I am so thankful to Pastor Neil for loving me unconditionally.  The love of Jesus has changed my life forever!


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