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Meet the Pastor

Pastor Neil Bush

Royce Neil Bush was born prematurely on November 20, 1960. Weighing only about 4 lbs. at birth, he lost down to 2 lbs. and remained hospitalized for one month. He grew up in Unadilla, Georgia, being physically and mentally abused by his stepfather from the age of 7 and sexually abused by him from the age of 15. In 6th grade, he found a love for music and began to bury himself, and his troubles, in the music. However, tormented by the shame and guilt of all the abuse, he began down the road of drugs and alcohol to camouflage the pain of it all. 


In 1987, after being arrested for his third DUI, he was at the lowest point of his life. While sitting in jail cell all alone, he had a life-changing experience with the Almighty God. His life was instantly transformed as he finally surrendered to the call upon his life.


Since that time, he has been discipled and trained by many godly men and women, from many different avenues of ministry, including Rev. James Aycock, Rev. Don Fogal, Norman Robertson, Ruth Baker and Paula White. He has served in the Methodist Church as a worship leader, a board member and lay speaker, as well as being the director of music on many men's retreats ("The Walk to Emmaus").


In 1989 Bush moved to Statesboro, Georgia and started a youth group at Fletcher Baptist Church. Within two months, the youth group had gone from 1 to 22 and a fulltime youth minister was then hired.


Bush was licensed to preach in 1992 with the Southern Baptist, under the pastoral care of Rev. Don Patterson. 

In 1994, Bush began studying under Dr. Norman Robertson, an international evangelist, and served in many evangelistic crusades, as well as traveling to Manila, Philippines to serve and minister. 


Bush is founder of Open Door Ministries, Inc. (founded in 1995); a ministry called to bridge the gap between all people, as well as to equip and train them to play, sing and minister to others. Bush’s ministry has brought graduating students from the Philippines to the United States and he has personally mentored them, raising them up to fulfill what God has called them to do. 


In 1997 Bush was ordained under the United Christian and Ministerial Association of Cleveland, TN; as well as opening Joel’s Place (a watering hole for thirsty souls) in the same year. Over the years Bush has recorded six live music CDs of his original music, directed/published three CDs for others and planted a church in the Philippines.


In February of 2004, Bush accepted the Lord’s further instruction to start a church and be a pastor and thus, Open Door Ministries Church was established and is now a church home to many.

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